Industrial Park of Sárrét

The Industrial Park of Sárrét was established as a result of the expansion of the southern industrial estate; it has a total area of 31 hectares out of which 11.3 hectares are greenfield development sites with infrastructure. It was awarded the title of “Industrial Park” this year. Sárréti Ipari Park Kft. was established in May 1999 in order to fully provide for the activities of the industrial park in relation to development, investment organisation and services. During the almost 2 decades of trading, the company established a significant, stable system that fully satisfies the market conditions and requirements.


Currently, there are 11 businesses operating in the park, some of them are international. The owner of the title of “Industrial Park” is Layer Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Ipari Kft.



Layer Kft. – the proprietor of the title of “Industrial Park”

The initiative of the Sárréti Ipari Park program and the title of “Industrial Park” belong to Layer Kft.



The Company's commercial activities:

  • Construction planning, general workmanship
  • Manufacture and fitting of steel structures
  • CNC and NC machining of sheet metal
  • Plasma, flame and water cutting
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Plant operation
  • Craning, machine earthworks
  • Wholesale and retail distribution of steel products
  • Sale of construction materials
  • Trade of construction related substances and paints
  • Trade of plumbing and heating fittings
  • Building engineering, trade of sanitaryware
  • Trade of agricultural machines and parts
  • Manufacturing of ready-mixed concrete