Our offer

We look forward to see businesses in the Industrial Park of Sárrét, who are looking for an appropriate production hall or greenfield site for their commercial activity.

The area of the available production halls are going to be designed according to the expectation of the tenants. Prospective businesses can choose from logistics buildings with or without heating, social rooms, offices, production and processing halls according to their requirements.

If required, service flats and other types of residence are also available with various levels of comfort, either for the workers or the management.




Purchase price of land 3,5 EUR/m2 + VAT
Rent for the buildings 2,5 EUR/m2/month + VAT-
Service charge EUR /m²/month




Even several hectares of land can be purchased in the industrial park, including the provision/extension of infrastructure as required.



Building new production halls

On request, we can plan, manufacture and build new production halls. The building to be designed according to the individual needs can be completed and handed over within 6–8 months from receiving the approved plans, depending on the size and type of investment. The offer containing the exact building costs can be provided based on the parameters of the hall being built.



Payment terms

Rent and purchase prices are subject to negotiations based on the architectural requirements and the area requested by the business moving in.

This offer was provided for information only, it shall not give rise to any obligation. If you are interested and need more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.