The infrastructural utilities of the Park are fully available. The infrastructure of 11 hectares greenfield development area included as the extension of the industrial area in 1999 has been provided for. The investment made the industrial park suitable for building and operating diverse industrial establishments in a modern environment. The capacity of the utilities currently available can be extended as required.



Infrastructural characteristics:

Areas and halls to let
Type of building Number of storeys Net area Ceiling height Structure Year of construction
Manufacturing, logistics hall 1 2.500m² 6 m Light structure 2010 - 2012
Free land - 6.000m² - - -
Green area with infrastructure - 50.000m² - - -



Travel, accessibility
Distance from Budapest 200 km
Distance from motorways
M0 200 km
M1 220 km
M3 120 km
M5 150 km
M7 220 km
M9 260 km
M35 80 km
Distance from highway 0 km
Distance from international airport Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest (200 km)
Distance from regional private airport Békés Airport, Békéscsaba (50 km)
Distance from port Dunaújváros (240 km)
Distance from railway station Szeghalom (0 km)
Industrial track available? yes
Nearest bus stop 300 m



Production and Logistics halls:

Production hall no. 1

Production hall with a floor area of 2250 sqm. The structure of the building is reinforced concrete with B30 brick walls, aluminium based insulated doors and windows, trapezoidal sheet suspended ceiling with thermal insulation, levelled industrial floor coating.

Year of construction: 1994-1995.


Production hall no. 2

Offices and social utility rooms are located on two levels on the street side of the building (2 x 200 sqm).

Operation area:

Section I, approximately 2000 sqm. Reinforced concrete pillar structure with steel roof, thermal insulated sandwich panel walls, thermal insulated doors and windows and trapezoidal sheet suspended ceiling.

Section II is the exact continuation of Section I, and includes a production are of 2500 sqm and a warehouse of 1000 sqm.

Year of construction: Section I. 2003, Section II. 2011.


Production hall no. 3

Currently, production and manufacturing as well as warehousing activities are conducted on the 4400 sqm site. The structure of the hall is reinforced concrete pillar with industrial concrete floor, thermal insulated doors and windows and reinforced concrete roof. 2 x 250 sqm of offices and social utility rooms are located on two levels on the street side of the building.


Layer Kft. production hall

Newly built production hall with light structure and sandwich panel space separation. The 2500 sqm production area includes a logistic goods preparation area of 400 sqm.

Year of construction: 2011-2012.