Szeghalom, the capital of the Sárrét region

Békés county has an extensive agricultural past. The county is located at the South Eastern part of Hungary and has a population of approximately 358,000 people. In the Northern Békés region, Szeghalom is a significant regional centre of education and employment. It is 50 kms away from Békéscsaba and 80 kms away from Debrecen. It is located 60 kms away from Oradea, alongside highway number 47 connecting Debrecen with Szeged, which is an international transit route.

The population of the town is nearly 10,000 people with approximately 40,000 people living in the nearby settlements (appr. 20 minutes travel).

It has an advanced textile and metal industry. The significance of the town also improved in the past decades, as several significant industrial investment was completed, thereby improving employment rates.

Investment in the town and in its closer catchment area is mainly industry related, while farther settlements mainly attract agricultural development.

The town offers excellent prospects for cross-border cooperation over the Hungarian–Romanian border.



Most important public institutions and service providers:

  • Regional centre
  • Tax office
  • Court and prosecution service
  • Notary public
  • Police department
  • Fire brigade
  • Ambulance station
  • Medical officer service
  • 4 banks
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Land registry
  • Employment centre
  • International freight and passenger transporters
  • Secondary schools
  • Business centre, hotel and restaurant
  • 5 insurance branches
  • Public cultural institutions



Businesses operating in the region and employing over 300 people:

Name Profile
Billerbeck Budapest Kft. duvet manufacturing
Csaba-Metál Kft vehicle and vehicle part manufacturing
Felina Hungária Kft. underwear manufacturing
Henkel Magyarország Kft. manufacturing household chemical products
KUKA Robotics Kft. vehicle industry robotics technology




There used to be considerable unemployment in the region of Szeghalom after the 1990s, both in case of men and women. Thanks to the development and the government policy, this ratio was continuously improving in the recent years.




There is a secondary education institution in the town, where students take part in grammar school as well as textile industry, metal industry and information technology related vocational education. Vocational education can take into account the special requirements of larger employers during the organisation of education.



Support for employment creation

Szeghalom is a town located in one of the Free Enterprise Zones. Investment made here may receive support from several government and EU funds both in relation to technology and employment.

The location of the park is extremely favourable, as it has direct railway and highway connections and there are also cycle routes to it from the direction of the town. There is a train station with industrial tracks in its vicinity, and the highway number 47 (international transit route) is only 200 meters away. All local, interurban and long distance buses stop at the nearby bus stops, so the daily commuting of employees are provided for without further organisation, both in case of nearby or farther towns.